The end to violence is long overdue

person holding gun

Violence is brought up by hatred 

A feeling so deep all you can do is ask “why me?”

I have seen this violence with my own eyes  

But I am not proud to say I have seen some die 


We as a society have gone through great ordeals of pain 

This violence will not only leave you beaten and battered physically  

But mentally too 

This is “giving to the world a tired and ugly message of terror and brutality and hate” 

They have left us here to rot in poverty in such a corrupted place 


We have to fight and break free from this cycle of violence

For change

To end the bad path that was set for your kids and mine


We need to be ready  

To speak up and make sure we will not be over looked 

With my voice and the help of others  

We will break free from this never ending cycle of violence 

Which is long overdue  

We as people in unity 

Should not have to sit in silence to end the violence  

United States of America