Every Child deserves sustainable education

A stack of notebooks of different colors.

I felt included when I was given the opportunity to partner with club17 Africa this year and advocate for children who are not given quality education or no education at all 

I know basically, that education is necessary and every child deserves a sustainable and quality education, not in an inconvenient or toxic area.

It was an amazing experience for me because I went to a few community schools to talk to kids as to why they should not give up on education and why it's important to secure a quality future, and also use my voice to advocate for a climate change so students do not also lose interest in education.

Learning should not be a trigger call, most kids are scared of going to school because of their community and the 8 hours they need to stay in that kind of environment, what they've faced as slow learners and getting called dumb by either students, teachers, or even parents.

But one thing I know is that learning is a process, and getting educated is learning. And every child deserves that sustainable learning experience.

Getting patient with a child and treating them with love reduces the risk of that child getting educationally uninterested.

Getting included made me go deep, realizing that.