Fairy tales? Or no...


What is with women and fairy tales?

The first time I heard of this was over my favorite political drama series, Madam Secretary, that projected a woman who was tired of pursuing perfection. Her quest had been so tough and achieving a break-even of goodness and prowess in both her career and social life was not tallying up quite well. In this particular scene she was fretting on how tired she was for trying too hard to be both a political leader in her country and a family woman only for her efforts to always turn futile.

This prompted me to hit the pause button and try contemplating on that question for a while. Deeply, I sought for answers in my mind on what fairy tales she was talking about.

After a few digressions here and there, I was able to come up with several thoughts on what she really meant with fairy tales and our obsessions on them. An example being gender equality. In the 1950s it was only a dream for most women in the global society which has improved quite tremendously over the years.

Reading about the history and development of the fight for gender equality normally feels like a Disney story. One of those sequels of tough quests that get to achieve success at the end.

Delving into the fairy tale mentality makes us understand that despite the push for policies and development of campaigns to enforce gender equality, the hugest responsibility lies on us as individuals.  

The policies and campaigns are essential in creating platforms and paths for us to get to follow our passions without barriers. But without working hard and pushing ourselves to qualify and be able to work in industries dominated by a particular gender, without working on our projects to be able to power up our economic systems, these paths will be rockier and our fairy tales even more impossible to achieve.

So for us to get to live the dream of having a society that has world peace, gender equality, one that is conscious about climate change and all those healthy aspects of an ideal society, we have to individually push ourselves.

Push ourselves to working hard and sacrificing our comfort in order to utilize these platforms we have and eventually get to live that fairy tale of a society that we dream about. Go out there, work hard and chase that dream!

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