A Family

My Family?

Like a sunny sky that spreads warmth and happiness to most, my family helps me stand on my two feet. They remind me how enjoyable each and every day in my life can be. My family consists of me, an older brother, mom and dad. My brother studies abroad, but technology never made us feel too distant. We miss his company from time to time. He used to be my partner in mischief before, his physical presence beside us is probably the only thing virtual communications can't give us.

The ongoing pandemic made us come to terms with various things. New and old. Relations restored and revalued while extravagance is reduced to the bare minimum. These past few months made us realise how important we are to one another. 

My parents are my closest friends and to me, they are the coolest people too. It's not just because they raised me or because they are my pillars of financial support. No, I find that we share a far deeper bond than anything in the world. It could be the blood that connects us or that I'm being biased, but I don't think I could ever have a better mom and dad. I'm always thankful to the Almighty for having blessed me with such an amazing group of people that I call my family. 

The quarantine life I've been living for more than four months now, has been fun and comfortable. Sometimes, when I got too bored, my mother was there to be my partner for chatting. Working in the banking sector, my father was, most of the times, the only one who had to step out of the house, even during lockdown. Seeing him wear all sorts of protective gear became a common occurrence. Still, the worry in our hearts wouldn't stop. Because it feels like a war zone outside.

Happiness was inside the house, misery outside. This is a fight against a microorganism that can't be seen with bare eyes. An almost invisible enemy made me realise a bit of what the family members of warriors went through, back in those early days when wars were frequent. The only difference is that, now not just a few nations but the entire world is fighting against the same horrific foe. It instills a unique sense of unity, rendering us to become one big great family. The definition of family is now clear to me as I hope it is to you as well.

At times, sadness looms heavy over our hearts as we are losing near and dear ones almost every day. I lost two of my relatives during the pandemic. A dear cousin of mine, a young but successful dreamer died of COVID-19. We can do nothing until a proper cure is found, is what most of us believe. But  I believe there's a lot us, youngsters can do. We should have faith that we can and will overcome this situation soon.

All of us people should never give up or be depressed. Rather, we provide hope for a better future to those around us. Studying extensively, providing help for the elderly, calling our family close or distant at least once a week to know how they are, taking care of the ones we have with us - these are a number of things we can do. Amongst all the sadness and depression, a silver lining of hope definitely prevails. Moral and emotional support can be a great help if the financial one isn't possible. 

I try to help as much as I can. But my heart goes out to the people who are of lesser privilege. They are also a part of our earth's big family. Someday, when I am able and strong enough to be a proper support, I hope to stand by your side even better.