Feel more myself

Feel more myself

We are unique in the world, each with our own parallel universes that do not exist in this reality.

Each universe idealized to be the reality that we live generates anxiety, stress, depression and existential doubt.

By instinct of survival we look for a defense mechanism to lead us to our solutions that can be judged and valued from different points of view.

I have always heard "life is not fair" and in reality we only put in the balance of our reasons for living material and superficial things as a priority or means to ensure happiness.

The happiness that many people say they want to have will not be felt until they understand that happiness are all those feelings that they carry within themselves, feelings that are created when we wake up, when a "good morning" generates a smile, when a "Thank you" gives you motivation to generate more feelings of happiness in other lives, lives with their own world of thoughts.

The truth that a person feels is different from others, however the message, even if it crosses different paths will reach its destination, a soul like yours, to interpret the message of what I want to transmit in a way that will help you to reflect or know more to yourself.

I write this with the sole intention that someone like me a few minutes ago dare to write and express all the world of thoughts that you save, because otherwise you have to be sure that someone in this universe is losing the opportunity to feel identified and transformed with your thoughts.

Thanks to everyone I feel stronger, more secure, more myself.