Feeling angry? Read this :)


Have you ever been in an argument where you feel very angry towards someone and millions of thoughts just rush through your brain? - and by thoughts, I mean things that could possibly hurt that person in any way.

Picture yourself in that situation again.

Oh, it must feel so good to just burst and make your thoughts audible to that specific person. You know that it would crush them into pieces, shut their mouth or if you put it in another way, you win the argument and ultimately, forsake the reason you argued in the first place.

You would have felt very satisfied.

Now, imagine if the table is turned.

How would you feel? Do you feel good? Do you feel satisfied? Can you still have the satisfaction you had just now? If those feelings were at the south pole, I dare to wager that you are now certainly somewhere at the north pole.

Therefore, whenever you encounter such situation, take a really deep breath and think first. Try your very best to calm both parties (that includes yourself). Most of the times, when your emotions start to conquer your words, it is not always the best case scenario.

This is a friendly reminder to everyone including myself that we should always, always think before we speak because every word matters :). Keep spreading positivity!