Femicide and Neglect


I am a 17-year-old high school student whose country is dealing with millions of femicide in her country and I'm so done with the indifference that people show while numbers increase. Now nearly everyone has Instagram and it is started to be used as a news platform as well. And, with the current increase in femicides, people, nearly none of them being male, started the post this femicide on their stories, posts to make the oppressed women's voices heard. And as a teenager scrolling through these  I realized that nearly none of the males show any interest in helping these. Then suddenly it came to my mind that why wouldn't they post anything? Is it because they don't care? Or is there invisible oppression that they face among themselves about supporting these?

I certainly believe that there are many males who support the idea of women's rights, thus believes that femicide can not be acceptable, but I don't think that among each other this is talked about enough. Thus, normalizing talking about femicides in any situation with anyone, without needing a female is certainly important. With femicides increasing rate and each of them being so important on their own it is so crucial that create an environment that talking about it is normalized. 

And what should we do to help them? These people who are hesitating to talk about, to share about these issues are our friends, our brothers, or maybe anyone from our family. Encouraging them to notice these, talk about these is again can be up to us. 

Imagine a small child, whose family is denormalizing the femicide and showing how crucial that it is by talking about it, can be one of the biggest steps for him to decrease his chance to be the one who does the femicide and increase him to support to help millions of oppressed women. 

Normalizing to talk about femicide can be one of the biggest steps taken to decrease it!