Fight for your dreams in order to avoid stress due to COVID-19

A dog and a girl with an umbrella above a book.

COVID-19 has lead many of us to be confined in our houses in order to avoid infections. Besides the study/work time we still have plenty of time left now that we don't use that time to travel to our work places or study centers. Some people's meantal health is starting to suffer.

In order to avoid that we have to use this time to make our dreams come true or build the path to the realization of our dreams.

If you want to study at elite universities it's a great time to study hard for admission exams. If you wanna be a singer this is the time to improve your voice or sing songs in order to upload them. If you wanna be a painter it's a great time to start promoting your art or to start making a new painting or drawing or whatever type of art you do.

If you are an athlete you can still take advantage of quarantine by keeping your body healthy through exercise or maybe it's time to search for an extra new passion. If you are an actor or actress maybe it's time to develop your creativity and build up monologues that you can interpret and use in a play when quarantine ends.

It's time to re-imagine our passions.It's time to re-imagine ourselves.It's time to re-imagine the world and don't let the world re-imagined our lifes.