The Final Testament

One world protest

Dear mortals,



It is unexplainably sad how every melancholy that has been brought upon earth is blamed on me. I do accept the fact that there can’t be anything lustrous in events like death and destruction; but how is it any better to blame the consequence, instead of the actions and negligence that created the chaos? The only responsibility I have been burdened with is to guide your lost souls, but I cannot witness any more of these malevolent events; nor can I besiege all your curses upon myself. I have seen how your malicious actions have drained the Earth of all its color and defiled the very ethics of life. The sheer lack of incandescence for the injustice that has occurred on this land leaves me puzzled.


I was there at Stalingrad in 1943, I was present in London during the December of 1952, I was also on the train to partition in India, I was there at Chernobyl and even when the earth cracked in Japan, I was there. Name the disaster, I was there; yet, the incidents occurring across the world right now are worse than anything I've ever witnessed. At this pace, I can say for sure that mankind is on a highway to doom. Can't you see that the globe is turning around? from the dead grey skies over India to the dying lands of the Amazon and the melting kingdoms of snow. The world you live in is falling apart, piece by piece. Have you ever taken a moment to consider what the consequences of your actions could be? Who are you deceiving when you use the word "development”? It’s high time you come to your senses and realize that development isn’t living an Olympian life or sending your henchmen onto the other celestial masses; it’s about the safety of your posterity.


Who am I to pretend to not notice the broken souls, empty stomachs and washed-out dreams? Every time I pass down the dirty broken roads of a slum in Ghana, I see lives that can never be mended. The penury in the eyes of children all across the world from Syria to Brazil is daunting even for me, the wielder of the scythe.

Their visages are gleaming with sorrow and despair due to the corollary of your actions. Your very own posterity is chained down by the fetters of your fallacy. This is what is in line for all of you, your own future. Which is at present masked by the smoke of uncertainty instigated from your very own factories and automobiles.


For ages your leaders filled up papers with meaningless words and phony promises, but they can’t be blamed, can they? Change comes only when all of you take a stand, not when you divisively squabble over the pettiest of issues. The Arctic is afire; the great seas are filling up with man-made filth and the shield that protected the realms of men evanishes. This is what has been happening in the name of ‘development’. Perhaps if you ever considered that you aren’t the only inhabitants of this godly geoid, the other creatures would have stood a chance at survival. The ocean floor has been lining up with carcasses, the forests are no longer the safe haven and the Arctic melts away as we speak. From Tigers to Parrots, the other creations of God have gone extinct due to mankind’s unquenchable thirst. How much more do you want? Mother earth has given away all it can to your kind, but you in turn have become mere inconsiderate callous parasites. At this rate, the great flood would be inevitable, but the only difference is that there wouldn’t be a Noah’s Ark to save you.


The ink is dry, the past is past. All that can be said is that you have had your chances and you have had enough opportunities to prove yourself. It’s time for all of you to band together and work against the rising storm and cease the apocalypse.  You can’t wait for any more ‘opportunities’; you have had enough of them already. So, for the sake of your family, your nation and your planet act upon your mistakes and resolve their consequences and save your home from the grip of doom. I will spare you then, but all I ask for in return is NO MORE PROMISES. You need action because promises are nothing but empty meaningless words. And remember it’s not me, it’s you.

 I’m sure you have been wondering who this veiled mysterious figure is?

So, one day, you... yes, you and I will meet, and this time you will embrace me as if I were an old friend, and you will address me by name. Death.