a person walking in forest during daytime
finding yourself, exploring a new world

I ask myself every day 
whether I am worthy of this at all?
should I be sorry for the world
cause the answer's always no
I calm myself every day
that today's going to be different for sure
should I call myself crazy 
cause this is not true at all
there's so much out there to do
but there's no strength in me for that
I try, don't try, don't try, don't try
cause I don't know where is my heart,
my heart lives in a beautiful place
where no one can go at all
the place where only I can live
the fantasies of my life
no instructions
no questions
no expectations
no pleadings
no scoldings
just my dreams and me
having a secret talk
living the best of my life
just as happy as I could be
I don't care if there's no one
I am  delighted, after all
I don't care if there is nothing
there is peace after all
I don't care if nothing is working
cause my heart finally would have found its pace.
would be living my life
would be loving my life
would be bringing to life
the me in me