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For as long as I can remember, I've always assigned very little value to this one word. I never really thought about it much. Perhaps, I firmly relied on the assumption that ‘forever’ was one of those inherently constant things in life, like the sure way the scorching sun bites harder in the desert.

My severe disillusionment came with the shock of losing a loved one. Its saddening, isn't it? The way it takes a reminder of how brief life is to actually appreciate it.

But, I'm relearning.

I've come to recognize that despite how fleeting or infinite forever might seem, the truth is, the present moments are what mounts up to shape it. So, more than ever, I'm determined to make the most of each moment in life.

In the midst of all the chaos and cruelty in our world today, the smallest random gesture of kindness and appreciation can spark a lifetime of positive change in someone's life. We should tell the people we love that they are valued, and It shouldn't stop there! Compliment a stranger. Tell that girl or that incredibly good-looking boy you like that they are the best thing since the invention of the chocolate chip cookie. In a world that puts too much relevance in conformity, nothing sounds braver.

Let's live life with a deeper appreciation for the people that mean the world to us. Forever is sometimes only a split second, so let's sit down and pile up as much love as we can possibly get!

The world needs a reformation of values; Let’s give love.



For my Aunt, Justina. The world is a darker place without you in it.