Forever 99.99%

welcome to an perfectly imperfect world!

                                               Forever 99.99%

Every starry night lying in bed, with every sunrise opening my eyes to another bright morning, I use to wish to be like someone, to live like someone. These thoughts really made me feel inferior some way or another burdening my heart and mind……

Just like me have you ever wished to have a life like someone just because they own something you crave for and you think they are living a perfect life? Here my friend you are unfamiliar with the fact that “Our lives are always 99.99%”. Apart from fairy tales there is nothing 100%. Only fairy tales are vast array of perfect life where with a swish of magic wand you get everything you desire. Real things are not perfect and perfect things are not real and so our lives and this world are perfectly imperfect!

Not everything is made for everyone, maybe that thing in others life can make you cry your eyes out. Earning lots of money, owning properties, breathing between luxuries, holidaying around the world is what we all wish for and there are people who are living this life. These are like dreams coming true and for many of us this is the definition of perfect and a complete life. But not all those owning these things and living this so called perfect life are actually happy, many of them are still falling short of the ingredients needed for a cheerful and peaceful life. Maybe they are not living a family life, they are not surrounded by their loved ones to shower love upon them and share their emotions, maybe they don’t have that sprinkles of happiness to bring a genuine smile on their faces.

People with money are fighting different battles, people with education are longing for jobs, people with families are willing to be independent and alone and the list goes on. People living alone will have a desire to live a life like the person with family to have a perfect life , an illiterate person would wish to get education and a pauper would love to live a life like the person with loads of money but these are just the pleasing and stunning covers of the book the real story lays inside!

Everyone is running after things which they think might complete their lives, regardless; of all the blessings they have been bestowed with. This race is endless. We are being ungrateful and wasting ourselves in order to get 100%. No matter what you do, who you are, life is finite and our desire to add more things to make it perfect is infinite and so you can’t get everything in this life. Whatever you had, you have and you will have all are things that are making and will make your life worth living. Just make sure you are living it to the fullest, adoring things but not running after them, admiring people but not wasting yourself to be someone else, being grateful for what you have, accepting the hurdles and remembering the fact that whatever belongs to you will be the part of your journey towards a joyous and a successful life.

Your life is your own unique story, write it without adding others content. Our lives would have been different if we would have tried to be the best of ourselves rather than trying to be 100% isn’t it?

No one is born 100 percent perfect, make your understanding process like a purifier take lessons from it and throw out the waste.
-Kashish Jain