Forever African

Image of African Safari

For the sake of our pride

And that of our ancestors

Who jumped from ships into the sea of sorrow 

Because they knew death was better than bondage


The pride of our ancestors

Who suffered in the hands of foreigners

Cling, Clang the shackles cried

For freedom from their bloody ankles


They tried to break the shackles 

That were already anchored to the soils of our land

Pulling us down to the roots of the mango tree

Guiding us back home


And now we dance 

To the rhythm of the palm trees 

In the song of the wind

Whistling sweet words in our ears


Reminding us of the beauty of Africa, my Africa

The home of my grandfather

Who carved the path for us, for me

The path to glory


However far we may go

New ways we adapt

We will always come back for our mother’s caress

And love


And now we stand 

With strength and pride

In the beauty of our land, my land

Our praise name engraved in stone


This is our happiness, my happiness

And for years to come, it will still be our pride

This is our motherland

My motherland