The formation of a world saver

Our planet

Hi there,

Below are my thoughts and opinions on a video by the United Nations about plastic pollution on our planet. 

To be honest with you, the images within the video were frightening. Sea birds dying, sea related animals suffering; they were the most horrible scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. That is why I began my journey of saving the environment, which I hope to do not by myself, but encourage everyone to participate.

From my research last year, more than 73% of fish in the Irish Sea contained elements of plastic. My instant thought was "Can you imagine eating a fish with a 73% chance that it once contained plastic in its body?" I certainly can’t and I think it’s absolutely disgusting. As all evidence shows, plastic pollution is having a major effect on humans, animals, and of course on our climate.

People believe that plastics are widely recycled but the truth is only 20% of plastic is reused. On top of that, plastics can only be reused for a few times then dumped into the ocean. Last year my school teacher calculated that our school with about 600 people, including staff, would dump approximately 29,000 plastic bottles at minimum each year! Think of that figure, its massive. Our school is very passionate about saving the environment, so our hardworking teacher Mr. B introduced aluminium bottles to every single one of us in the school and of course prohibited plastic bottles. It seems successful so far and has had a great impact. This proves that saving the environment can begin with an individual. If you can't inspire the world, inspire people near you. Caution can be spread from individual to family; to class; to school; to town; to country; and eventually to the world. Since I realised the importance of the impact of pollution on the environment, I changed my lifestyle completely. I minimised buying plastic covered products; use the right bins; categorise litter; joined the green school committee to contribute the maximum effort I had; and of course, telling friends and family about the importance, although sometimes get rejected.

I personally think if everyone had done more to protect the environment the world would've been a so much better place to live. When danger and difficulties comes to us we blame others while we suffer. To prevent that everyone can do their own part and take action together. 

At last, remember we are taking care of and saving ourselves! This is our own planet.

Thank you for reading my piece and I hope you are inspired and take your action now! Be A World Saver!