Four legged therapists

Furry puppy

The simple wag of my dog's tail has the ability to give me a certain joy that can't be felt through anything else.

The day I brought my first dog home has remained a life changing moment and is a memory that I will cherish forever.

Pets possess an inherent quality that makes you feel loved and wanted all the time. Not only are they our loyal companions, but they are also our best friends. Whether we realize it or not, pets act as our own, personal therapists. They immediately light up our day when we get home from school or work. Despite the numerous emotions we might have, coming home to our furry friend will surely put us in a better mood. 

Regardless of the great technological advances being made, we are yet to find a better way to improve the mental health of people around the world and reduce the stigma towards mental health disorders. Pets play an important role in positively impacting our mental health and wellness. They allow us to destress in a healthy way and provide us with an outlet to show our compassion towards another living being. We immediately forget any feelings of loneliness or isolation when we are with our pets. They also help you get to know more people and interact with others who may share a love for animals as well. Having pets also contributes to maintaining our physical health. Playing or walking with our pets improves the flow of oxygen in our body, making us concentrate better and feel more energized. 

It is important that we are aware of the benefits that pets can bring as it is a healthier alternative to taking medications for some mental health disorders. According to the American Heart Association, pets also play a major role in reducing the risks of heart disease, obesity, etc

As May is Mental Health Awareness month, let us make sure we take the necessary steps to keep ourselves both physically and mentally fit with the help of our furry friends. 

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