Four Ways to Foster Literacy


Literature offers various avenues for exploration, experience, and expression. Providing diverse books for children is a crucial step towards giving them the agency to improve their futures. I believe that every child should be able to grow up in an environment with ample access to reading resources. There are various ways to take action in advocating for global youth literacy. 


There are several approaches to organizing a successful independent book drive. To get started, you will want to reach out to an organization in need. Organizations can include children’s homes, hospitals, schools for children with special needs, refugee centers, as well as other local charities. Once you decide which organization you will be supporting, you can begin collecting donations. Libraries and bookstores are often very supportive and willing to contribute to the cause. However, if you find it difficult to acquire books, you may choose to fundraise instead. You can hold your campaign online or in the form of an event. When you are ready to make the donation, be sure to let the organization know!



Andrea Liao
Andrea Liao (Book the Future) sorts book donations for book drive.


Establishing an organization dedicated to youth literacy is another way to further your advocacy for this cause. You can take action by founding a school club, starting a local chapter, or joining a regional affiliate. Be sure to communicate with your school and inform your community of your advocacy so you can receive support for your work!


You can also promote literacy by inspiring youth to express themselves through various creative mediums. Partnering with local organizations is a great way to create opportunities for expression and activism. Possible programs include literacy camps, writing workshops, read-a-thons, and more.


Community events are another way to foster literacy. Book clubs and reading groups are suitable for a variety of ages. Book swaps, especially during the holidays, allow you to share, recommend, and gift your favorite books. If you choose to host a read-a-thon, you can encourage children to read while also fundraising to support literacy. There are a variety of possibilities for fostering literacy through interactive events.

J.K. ROWLING: "I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book."
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