The Future is Here

Picture asking to go to the future

When I was a child, I always thought the future was placed in a particular place and time in the forward times. The future is when everything gets better, shiny, and everyone smiles under the sunshine. It's the era of flying cars, far-based messages, and all the people can dress and make up their body all they want. As I grow up, life starts unfolding itself, and it never stops. As if it's an endless scarf that's covering a mysterious surface.

I thought maybe I would die before I get to the future. I thought that I would never reach there because I see nothing change around me. But, I've heard on TV that the flying car and shiny technology are invented today and that medicine is easy to get. You don't have to count the stars anymore if you caught malaria these days. Are those things less glamorous than I expected? No. Is it didn't have any use to make everyone smile and help people's job generally? No. These inventions are amazing, but I still don't get the sense of 'a a future'.

That thought lingered on me until one day, I signed up for a storytelling competition. I felt so armourless the week before the D-day. I trained so hard every single day. I felt better and improved when I performed the story. Even though I was lost and cried, I learned something. The future is not merely a fantastic result on the edge of a century. The future is when we are making progress; thus, it makes us better. Every single day.

We're all trying to make a future for ourselves. Somehow on the way, the road is tough. We can get lost then get back again. It's not glamorous and took a long process. Perhaps we change our destination, so the image of victory we used to dream of only exists in our minds. The point is we're trying to get there. The future is not fixed in a particular place and time. The future is every second when we make progress.

When we stop making progress, we stop creating our future.