Future of Tomorrow

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"The Youth is the hope of the Future" -Dr. Jose P. Rizal


We are said to be the hope of the future of our nation. How is that possible if one of the biggest problem we are facing right now is education? Many children nowadays are no longer attending school because of poverty. Instead of studying, they are forced to work to help provide for their family. You can see anywhere around, children begging for money, selling sampaguita on the streets, and they are now involved in crimes. They are taught to do bad things in order to survive, and education is being ignored. 

It is the right of every children to be educated. We should give the poor children education to lead them into the right path. It is not too late to change the future of these children. Our future also relies on the hands of the children. We should not give up on them, and let them give a chance to live a better life. 

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