Futures of Education

Library, full of books in a book shelf

As a young knowledge seeker, I wanted an educational concept that could provide important things that I had never had in my life. This is not only about the norms and ethics of goodness but also the information about mistakes and examples that are not in accordance with the norms of society with the aim that I and other knowledge seeker can examine them, of course, with guidance in accordance with the process of running the concept of education, namely building self-intellect. What kind of intellectuality do i really want?

This planet is a place where humans live with nature and its rules. Living life is a human obligation not only for the sake of personal and family interests but more importantly for the survival of humanity as a whole. The earth contains the provision of all the necessities of human life which must be observed as feedback on our responsibility to carry out life on earth. Educational methods are very important in preparing the formation of generations who understand the concept of the earth and the concept of education in particular. Education with old method like score is more prioritized than values, ​​I think is outdated, because the more advanced times the more humans experience changes in their way of thinking. We should be more focus on the values, the progress, and how we learn things. If the old method is still applied, the possibility of the concept of education as I've explained will not be optimal. Maybe some of my friends still accept the old concept in the sense that they haven't got the correct method yet, but that doesn't mean they got a bad method either. It should takes serious and global cooperation to get goals. The opportunity to convey ideas in international forums will be very good to see other ideas and useful for sharing to improving, advancing, and adding insight into the concept of education, especially to young people like me. I really need information and stimulus to work on the results of educational materials so that the awareness of teachers or educators can also continue to a period where I will continue the life of the generation before me. My hope is that the results of education before me can be used in my generation and the next generation.

This planet contains smart people who love it and betray it, our role is depend on which side we choose and stay focused as part of the planet Earth's journey in its orbit.