Gazing out from the plane

Gazing out at the surreal hues of the horizon from the window of the plane

I have composed the poem ‘Gazing out from the plane’ while I was en route to a travel destination. Looking out the window created an entire immersive experience in itself, as the surreal hues outside on the horizon really moved me. They forced me to ponder about how the seemingly huge earth and life in it are still so insignificant when compared to the entire colossal universe. This experience reinforces the notion that we should take things slowly and make use of all available resources in order to realise our greatest potential. After all, we are just a part of the ‘grand scheme of things.’

Gazing out from the plane

When I am high above the sky

Eyes closed, floating in the midst of silent screaming ties

I feel untied by the worldly strings

flying high with the wind beneath my wings

And out of the side window I gaze at the seemingly sublime horizon

the pastel golden rubicon merging into existence with the unfathomable blur of blue

Above, the expansive darkness haunts 

vanishing into a world of deathly nothingness 

but also makes me sacred the precious life below on the ‘blue ball’

-Madhvi Sharma