Gen Z, technology-dependent?

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Are there any of us that don't want the iPhone 13 Pro? I think most Gen Z, such as myself, wanted to have one, if and only if it's possible. But as the saying goes, "It's like hitting the moon though! Why oh why? You're dreaming!! You're only a student!"

And my answer is that "And so? If I was dreaming, then I wanted to dream high. It's only a dream, you know? There is no payment for it."

Gen Z, such as myself, are so unpredictable nowadays. We are sometimes misinterpreted, especially by those who don't understand and who do not want to understand us. If we spend too much time watching k-dramas or tv shows or series - neglecting our duties as students? Cramming because of too many school loads that are layering on our page - lack of discipline? Possibly.

But we don't need your judgment. We need your understanding. Be more patient in dealing with us because we know the consequences of what we are doing. We merely want to take pleasure in the technological advancements we are witnessing.

Admit it! That you, parents, are proud of us even when we give you a headache because we know how to use technology. We can run the computer and go over the canvas without asking for your assistance. Isn't that something you'd be proud of, dear parents?

We may be depending too much on technology not because we chose to but because it's the trend. And we have to adapt, or else we may be left behind.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro