Gender Equality Is A Human Right

Illustration Of Gender Equality

Gender Equality plays a pivotal role in our society. Gender Equality is a human right. Women deserve to be treated equally. We live in a world where women still should fulfill the gender roles, women are paid less than men, and women still face obstacles (one of them being sexual harassment). So, that’s why, I always believe “Gender Equality” must be achieved. I’m well aware that it can’t be achieved overnight. It takes several steps to make it happen. 

The Experience of Mine

I have a story to tell. It happened to me when I was in high school. My teacher assigned a project team. I was in a group of 5. Three of them were boys. We had a discussion session where we could share thoughts with our team about the issues that our teacher had given to us. I was so excited to share my thoughts and ideas to my team. I was all ears when my guy friends were sharing their opinions and thoughts. After 5 minutes of listening to them, it was finally my turn to share. But, as I wanted to talk and give my voice, the boys told me, “We don’t need your opinion. You’re just a girl”. Ever since that experience, I kept thinking that sometimes women’s voices are forgotten or left behind. But actually, our voice matters. Every voice matters. 

That incident taught me how to be braver and to raise my voice no matter I’m a girl or a boy. Because giving an opinion doesn't matter on gender. Gender equality will make us understand more about equal life. When the men can lend their voice, so can the women. I’m also very broken to know the fact that women are still underrepresented across business. Yes, I’m talking about Gender Pay Gap. It’s still a thing. Women are often paid unfairly. 

In summary, if gender equality appears in our community, it will bring so many benefits to us. Gender equality has strong, positive impacts on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita which grow over time and gender equality makes our society even healthier. I always hope that Gender Equality can be achieved soon so we all can get to live in a life where we can access everything without having to see sexes, gender roles, gender pay gap, domestic violence, etc. 

I keep thinking that sometimes women’s voices are forgotten or left behind. But actually, our voice matters. Every voice matters.