Gender stereotypes are a daily action and are very normalized

The image shows the differences society has between men and women

”Gender stereotypes are a daily action and are very normalized”

Every day in our lives, we go through situations where we saw or we are victims of a misogynist comment or action because of our gender, because of being women. To understand better the issue we are going to see some daily examples:

  • If we are in a gym class at school, in which we have to play football, and a boy has to choose between another boy or a girl to be part of their team, the kid will choose the boy without even thinking ( he probably isn’t doing it with any bad intentions), but the problem is that this action is normalized, the boy reacts like that and choose the boy because he had heard or seen someone doing the same, so he thinks that the boy will play better than the girl, but she could also be a good player.
  • If we are in a dinner with friends and family, once the meal is over, automatically and without even thinking in most of the cases the men will stay in the table talking, and without asking the women will start to pick up the dishes and wash them.  I try to understand why this happens but sincerely I don’t find any answer, because I don’t find any sense in the idea that a women have to wash the dishes and a man no, if actually the man can without problem take care of that too, because there’s nothing that privates them of doing that.

These examples and many situations more are daily actions caused by gender stereotypes, and this comes from the idea that society has for women and how they must behave.

To make a change, we need to pay attention to the way we behave and think about the actions we could change or correct.

The change depends on everyone; say NO to gender stereotypes.