A gentle reminder for millennials to be kind

/Millenial Ilustration/

Kindness. An act from deep down in the heart human, without want feedback. In this era, I believe kindness can be fake and ignored. Many people misuse kindness. They know what kindness is, but they don't know how to use it, therefore, there are many people using kindness for gaining popularity and getting a good image.   

One day, I was doing charity work in my community by giving food and clothes to flood victims. My friend asked me to take a photo of him giving food to a child, which he then posted on Instagram. Later, I asked him why he did that and he answered that he wanted everyone to know what he was doing so they would think that he was generous. I was quiet. I thought, that his idea came from poor intentions. Is it really necessary to be known that you are doing kindness? It sucks to see people doing that on social media these days, like famous people and actors being kind just to gain popularity and to be called generous and seen as a good role model.

One day, I was walking in the street with my friend. I saw a rich girl who was beautiful standing in front of her car which was beside an old beggar sitting. He asked her for some money and she refused and shouted some rude words to him. How can a rich girl that can buy everything do that? I went over to him and gave him money. My friend suddenly said, " You just wanted to be generous haha". I don't know why people can still think like that in this situation. Is it too hard to be kind? They should fix their mindset about being more kind.

As the world grows up, I believe kindness is slowly decaying. However, not everyone is like this. 

Looking at these cases, we should change people's mindsets about kindness. As long as their mindset remains the same, it won't work. We should change their mindset that kindness is great and if you are kind, you will be paid back in kindness. 

We should make kindness grow in this society. As technology grows faster, it should be easier to spread kindness. We can make our society full of kindness by using technology, for example social media.

For example, we can create an online community who helps poor people or does charity work. Then we can ask people to join us by campaigning on social media. If people joins us, it means we can practice kindness together. There are many communities who campaign on Instagram to get their members to practice kindness together.

We can also share kindness through social media. For example, we can share information on donating on social media. On Twitter people tweet and share the stories of people who need help or money. I often see people on Twitter use " Twitter please do your magic" to help people. Then, other people share/retweet it. 

We also spread kindness by creating daily charity box for your community. In my village, there was a daily charity that called " Amal jariyah". So, one person brings an open box and walks around asking villagers for donations. It's up to the villagers if they want to give a donation or not. Any one can carry the "box" and ask people for donations around our village. There is a schedule for it. The money is being saved for renovating a mosque and for orphan child. I realized that this an act of kindness that we can do together and helps make our society more full of kindness. It teaches us that kindness can be power even done in a simple way slowly or step by step.

Besides all of those different ways to spread kindness, we can simply smile. Smiling is the best form of kindness. By smiling to each other, we can make someone happy.

There are many act of kindness, such as greeting, donating, reminding each other of good things, helping your family financially, giving money to beggars, and so on. Kindness can take many forms.

For me, kindness means everything. It's a simple thing, but precious. You can be kind no matter where you are, whoever you are, and whenever, as long as it's useful and can help others. Kindness gives you everything. As long it helps people, why not?

When I was a in junior high school, I had a great teacher. His name is Mr. Jumanto and he taught biology. He didn't get married till now. When we asked him why he didn't want to marry, he answered that if he married all of his money would go to his family. He doesn't want that. He wants to give all his money and his wealth to charity when he dies. He also said that he has registered his eyes and heart to charity so people who need them can use his. He doesn't want money for that. To my surprise, what he did made me cry and inspired me to write this.