A girl is born...

a baby girl


Like a beginning of journey, a new dawn

To create a new history a girl is born

 A world of her own, a deep ocean to dive

She’s alone a daughter, a sister, a mother and a wife

She cooks, she plays, she helps, she cries

To bring happiness to family how hard she tries

She’s vulnerable at times and fierce too

She unconditionally loves and cares too

Siblings’ friend, parents’ pride

Children’s heaven and someone’s bride

How fragile yet so strong

To rock all the roles, a girl is born

Eyes full of dreams, mind full of passion

Every girl is a unique sensation

Yet few hearts still mourn

Considering it loss, when a girl is born

Empowered by her skills, confined by emotions

Every girl is a remarkable tale of patience

Many dreams are wrecked, ideas are torn

To face this cruel world alone, a girl is born…