Girls can achieve their dreams

Grace Damaa standing in front of a building outside smiling and wearing a t-shirt that says "Girl force: Unscripted and Unstoppable"

This is a story I want the whole world to hear.

I am a girl who grew up in a village with five siblings, three boys and two girls.

My dream has always been to become an electoral commissioner or a worldwide journalist, and to be able to support my family financially.

When I told my mother about it, she told me my elder brother is the only one that can make things better for my family when he becomes a doctor or a teacher. But one thing my mother did not know was that my dreams are far greater than becoming a doctor or a teacher.

There was a time when I lost all hope of achieving my dreams. My confidence became very low because my elder sister was already married and I was being prepared for marriage as well. I was told to forget about becoming an electoral commissioner or journalist and focus on becoming a wife instead.

One day I woke up and realized my mother had packed my clothes for a trip. She took me to the city to live with my uncle where I was responsible for taking good care of babies. I stayed with my uncle for a year without going to school. But thankfully, I moved to live with my auntie where I was introduced to education. I was a bit too old for my class, but that didn’t prevent me from going to school.

Grace Damma posing in between two other girls hosting a large photo frame.

Later in Junior High School, I was exposed to women who are influencing many Ghanaians positively. It was these women like the former electoral commissioner, Charlotte Osei and Gifty Aunty who inspired me to regain my hopes and confidence.

I am now in Senior High School, studying.

Finally, my dream of becoming an electoral commissioner or a worldwide journalist can come true and I will be able to support my family.

My name is Damaa Grace, I am 18 years. A girl from Jirapa in the upper West region of Ghana. I believe so much that a girl can support her family and also contribute greatly to the development of the world at large.