Girls have rights too!

17 year old Adam Safiya from Ghana. International Women's Day

My name is Adam Safiya, I'm 17 and I come from Gbimsi, in the West Mamprusi Municipal of the North East region of Ghana. I want to live in a world where girls are also allowed to go to school and no woman is maltreated!

My parents celebrated me when I passed my Basic Education Certificate Examination, and they showed me that they were proud of me. I decided that I will never let them down, but take my studies seriously to become someone prominent in the future. 

I have taken my education seriously at the secondary school level as well, for if I want to succeed someday, I must understand that education is the key to success. 

With education, I will bring development to my community and ensure that all girls go to school. A girl is not a slave in the kitchen. Just as every human being, girls have rights too, and we have the right to education.  

I will educate Ghanaians on girl child education and how important it is for the nation to invest in girls too.  

I can never forget the story of the woman in my community who committed suicide because her husband called her a liability. A woman will not be a liability if she is educated and empowered to provide for herself. Education is transforming the world, so let’s not leave girls behind in this transformative process.