The Good & The Bad

A demon and an angel
We all have a good and a bad side inside of us and we choose which one prevails.

Being in lockdown for so long has given me a chance to reflect upon myself as well as to understand others around me. And one thing I have inferred from this long journey, is that none of us are born with a lot of love in our hearts and neither are we born with a lot of hate. We choose what we want to portray ourselves as; the good or the bad.

It's very important that we choose our actions and our reactions, especially in these hard times when our mental health is being impacted so much. I urge all of you to have a relaxing day and self reflect on what you've done so far and how you can do even better.

But always remember: the things you do everyday matter more than the things you do once in a while, so don't be too hard on yourself if you've done something not-so-respectable at some point in your life. Sending loads of love and positivity your way, stay safe !

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