Goodbye to a year

Road with 2021 written on it


Here’s to a time we will remember forevermore

a year you will carry forever in your core

as the bells toll and firework start

I hope you don’t forget what it taught


a life through plastic and covered mouths

an inkling to be kind 

to hide your fear and put on your best fight

be hopeful even when you think you can’t

like a tree praying its roots will stay strong through the wind,


be thankful for every breath

the one this year tried to take away,

remember as you laid your head to sleep

thinking things couldn't get worse

but they did,


our homes got filled by beautiful ghosts

the traces of all those we'd lost,

we realized life is fragile

but even if the tree bends to the wind

it doesn't mean it's bound to break,


it taught us to be patient

it sparked in us the desire to be better

we learned we all have a role in building the shelter,

to stay home

be strong

to take care of the elders,


to say ‘thank you’ whenever you can

to cherish and value love in it's purest form

a simple hug,


to choose to be polite instead of clever

be the bearer of hope

to never point out the bad weather

to paint a landscape of dreams and sun

even when the outside is looking rough,


to be selfless,

as you watched the doctors and nurses

the essential workers,


this year came through like a tidal wave

we watched as our material ways sunk without a trace,

and as the new year comes around

and the music resumes


never forget

that even through all this pain

this year taught us to care.