Green Dream

Sunset at the Sea

I have long wandered to the sea 

for our fate decides, who we will be

where anemones once bloomed in colors vibrant, unbeknownst to me


this is my green dream.


I want to lay in grass as green as one first saw it

I want to swim in pools deep, blue, not forgotten

I want to watch the sky

as big, and bright, and bold

as the future waiting for me


I want to have a childhood, forever now taken 

from me.


. . .


Through forests we are meant to wander

for these green mazes beckon yonder

to a time when trees could stand as they are

when the wilderness was free


The Lorax taught you, and me, a lesson:

A plea to leave the nature, lone

it is the animals’ home, our home.


if we could only foresee 

the damage of our debris

forests are not manicured lawns, are we?


Why should we expect ourselves to fit a mold

be sold to make paper, books, timber, heat


This is the pulsing beat of an economy run on damage

run on us alone,

but we share this home.


We have but one chance to set this right

rewrite the next part of our story, bring wind and solar aflight

Tonight when the light will reach the darkest corners, the most afraid

and let our children know, we are brave

Their world, their future is all we have to save.


. . .


Could I lose you mother earth?

vessel of my birth

powerful breath that blows the leaves in autumn, by

valleys you shape by gentle touch

grasses you grow with a long, upward brush

oceans that fill with your salty tears 


these are my dears, and for you I cry

my members have lost truth, respect in your brilliance

humans believe they stand higher than they are


for nature can always create something more brilliant


perhaps when man is gone you will pick up your brushes again

dream stronger, more vibrant colors,

louder reds, mellower yellows

more intricate, subtle patterns 

more pungent, floral scents


man is a smart one, but not wise enough

to notice faults, habits that cannot be 

I like to dream of your next masterpiece

for it may be one I may never view at all.