Green tips to save the environment

Plant trees

We waste a lot of food, water and energy at home and workplaces knowingly or unknowingly. We as global citizens can put forward small efforts and make small changes and avoid this wastage so that we can save our resources for our future generations.

  1. Reduce food waste
  1. Shop only the items that are required
  2. Shop smartly and consider eco-friendly products
  3. Plan the food quantity ahead to avoid over cooking
  4. Keep track of food items available at home before going shopping
  5. Serve small portions as sometimes over served food are wasted
  1. Reduce water usage
  1. Reduce water used for washing and cleaning fruits and vegetables
  2. Run full loads on the washing machine and dishwasher
  3. Limit your shower to less than 5 minutes
  4. Take your car to a carwash that recycles water
  5. Install a dual flush toilet
  1. Reduce plastic usage
  1. Reuse metal, glass or steel water bottles
  2. Carry reusable food containers
  3. Use biodegradable or reusable kitchen utensils
  4. Take your own coffee mug to work or coffee shops
  5. Use reusable bags and containers
  1. Save energy
  1. Practice earth hour at least once a week or month
  2. Use cold water instead of hot water to wash clothes
  3. Unplug your laptop and mobile phone when fully charged
  4. Switch off electrical appliances when not in use
  5. Clean your air conditioner filters once a month
  1. At school or office or university
  1. Use recycled paper
  2. Go digital and use emails instead of paper correspondence
  3. Recycle printer cartridges
  4. Maintain and repair durable products
  5. Switch off lights and ACs when not in use
  1. Environment
  1. Use natural room fresheners
  2. Use white vinegar or baking powder for household cleaning purposes
  3. Go vegan or vegetarian
  4. Buy locally grown fruits and vegetables
  5. Grow plants as much as you can at your house and community
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