Grief: The Wound Within

This is my artwork of grief.
This is my artwork, depicting grief. So many families have lost their beloved members due to COVID-19 and they are grieving, every single day. When they are in a state of grief, happiness is drained out of them, replaced with a cold, hard feeling. This image shows a girl, tears sparking in her face. She's lost a loved one. Her black and white hair is a metaphor for stress, as it often whitens the hair. Her skin is grey, as when we grieve, color drains out of everything and the tears are blue as they are most prominent in grief; tears keep falling and falling.

This is a poem, dedicated to everyone who's grieving loved ones, whom they lost to COVID-19:

Grief, the inner demon,

That mauls the heart,

Pain seared through,

Where your heart lay,

You let out a scream,

It's just a bad dream,

Your chest aches,

Your voice shakes,

Anger penetrates,

Tears fall on the floor,

Your loved one's no more,

Face dry, lips pale,

This air you can't inhale,

The air once inhaled,

By your loved one,

Who now lays in a dark pit,

Lifeless, with bloodless veins,

You choke on your tears,

Thinking of the one,

The one you cherished,

Has now perished,

You lash your anger,

Towards the living,

You cover the sniffing,

Your heart has shattered,

Yet it still beats,

Grief is monstrous,

But it transforms you,

You'll be invincible,

Your pain'll be invisible,

Your loved one's watching,

From the skies,

You stared into,

While you cried,

And tried,

To let go,

Of emotions,

You couldn't show.

~Zainah Efia 

Be kind to those around you and support people you know who's grieving their loved ones.


People hold stories no books have the spine to carry. BE KIND and DON'T JUDGE.