Growing in a season

Flowers surrounding the brain

As my life progresses, the more I want for myself in terms of everything – ranging from health, finance, spirituality, and so forth.

As I continue to grow, I no longer want to feel anger or any negative energy toward anything. I often isolate myself from people and at times I think it’s my way of protecting myself from the evil and cruelty that lives in the outside world. Protecting and maintaining my peace is now more than ever my top priority.

I can’t stress enough how important mental health is for everyone. We all have a breaking point in our lives, in which we think we are no longer strong enough to hold our opinions, emotions, and daily stress. I’ve reached my breaking point multiple times, which I would consider to be a mental breakdown. I identify this as a time your body and mind can no longer keep up the façade of being strong, to an extent in which any minor or major inconvenience causes you to feel every single emotion at once.

During these times I reflect on the stressors in my life and ask God to guide me along the journey, because I simply can’t do it alone. Talking and expressing myself to God has been an extraordinary outlet for me. At times it’s hard to tell people what you’re dealing with, but don’t let that stop you from releasing your thoughts and emotions. This can be done through various ways such as praying, journaling, expressing yourself on the Notes app, or recording voice memos of yourself. I personally utilize all these methods and I love to look back at them and see how far I’ve come as an individual and how I can move forward.

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