Cartoon woman chasing balloon of happiness
We spend all our lives chasing after our goals thinking it will make us happy

The clouds are dark,

The sun is gone,

Like a spark,

It moves on.


Sitting here,

lonely but alive,

rather than standing there,

happy but dead.


The roof shelters me from the rain,

The sky shelters me from the space,

The bed shelters me from the cold,

and my skin shelters me from it all


I lay here,

and I don’t move an inch,

thinking I’ll disappear,

When I am still really here


Strong yet fragile,

Big yet small,

Dead yet alive,


Happy but sad.


When the clouds clear up,

And the sun shows up,

When the children stop their cries

And the adults stop their lies.


Happiness will come,

Sadness will go

Joy will come

And fear will go


I await such times,

Such times that will help us grow.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way
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