‘Happiness is a butterfly’

some clouds in the sky

Yes, that song by Lana del Rey. Happiness truly is a butterfly because you  find it by accident and in a matter of seconds is gone. You only realize after how precious it was, sad isn’t it? That may happen when you get used to relying your happiness on completely external factors. 

‘Stop doing that!’ is so easy to say but it is way harder to actually do it. We are conditioned to rely our happiness on people, their presence around us or our grades or even money because they trick us into believing that they define our worth. Once these things are gone we are left with nothing but sadness and disappointment so we long for them even more. One with low confidence may depend on others for their happiness while a student may attribute their self-worth to a mark in the register and people in general tend to tie it to validation from their peers  and materialistic possesions.

It is in our human nature to do it and I used to base my self-worth on grades and on what people thought of me but this way of living made me miserable. I was never really happy with myself by myself and it was exhausting chasing that happiness in other places.

If you feel like that it is never too late to do something about it and remember your self-worth should not pe dependent on external factors and of course you matter! :)