Happiness in small details, in big picture?

Me staring out of a window
Staring into the bigger picture.

They say look at the big picture
And then find happiness in small things
It confuses me a little bit
Maybe its now the same with all the beings

When I read number of positive #covid19 cases
In thousands and millions,
My heart sinks and I pray for those
But towards the single digit mortality rate it turns

Maybe it wants to find
A silver lining to this pandemic
And wants to applaud the efforts
Tag those fighting for a cure as "#mavericks"

So, fighting with my brother, looking
Over old pictures, I smile
The situation to be better and
The heaviness to go away may take a while

So, call up those lost contacts
And try not to lose them again
Make your heart a priority
Let it feel the breeze, soak in the rain

Giggle like a child
Even dance and sing like one
Celebrate each tiny achievement
Even not snoozing the alarm

Everyone is under their own unseen burdens,
Trust the bliss your kind words to them brings
So, stare at the big picture
But do find happiness in small things!