"He for She" from Syria

Eyad and Raghad at TEDxYouth@Jahez event
Eyad and Raghad at TEDxYouth@Jahez event

I have a younger sister. It would be ridiculous if I don’t support her and other women to reach their full potentials” Eyad Al-Khayat a Syrian “He for She” example and a young - 22-year-old - entrepreneur aspiring to make a notable impact in his community.

For Eyad, like many other guys in Syria, his options were limited as the Syrian crisis emerged in 2011. He finished his high school and aspired a bright future. Things didn’t go as perfectly as he imagined them to go.

Eyad said that his childhood was not different from the childhood of other kids. However, he had to determine his future, because he sensed imperative responsibility.

“My greatest motivation is called ‘Raghad’. Don’t ask if she is my girlfriend. In fact, she is my beautiful younger sister.” He said that followed by his experience, as n Co-organizer to the first TEDx event in Syria. TED is a global community and an international event where people from different backgrounds share their ideas from science, to business, to global issues. Organizers usually earn a license to host such an event in their countries.

“While everybody thought life stopped, I turned my weaknesses into strength, which led me to the success ladder.” Eyad also emphasized that the crisis had a very negative impact on Syrians, especially youth.

He envisions a world where social justice is implemented and youth are empowered to take actions towards solving global issues.

He talks about growing up as an ordinary kid and how it motivated him to prove himself and accomplish extraordinary achievements. He founded the first entrepreneurial series of workshops to foster youth interpersonal skills and prepare them to be young entrepreneurs in his community.

A while later, he brought the TEDx spirit back to life in Syria. “This time is different. We believe youth, especially young girls are change agents and we are acting upon that.”

Eyad also remarked one of the TEDxYouth@Jahez Salons, “Girls Rock!” He participated organizing and he quoted “Girls must know they have outstanding skills. We must support them to invest in that and reach their full potentials.”

“For a long time, I was bullied for being a “He for She”. I kept my faith and perseverance because I have a sister and she deserves more than she has been given.” Eyad then spoke about his role as a volunteer during “16 Days of Activism” with UNFPA - Syria. “I joined the campaign last year and I will do it again this year and hopefully every year.”

Eyad, through his peaceful participation, brought about positive change not only to his sister’s life but to the whole community as well.

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