Hear Us Out

An orangde loudspeaker, on an orange background.



The earth is dying

With everyday that passes

and we need to educate the masses


This is all we fight for.

Stop global warming.

we're recreating,

and you're breaking 

How much lengthy,

Should our poems be?

How loud should we raise our voice,

till you see it as a noise?

Maybe that is when we all begin to act,

we would keep speaking and that is a fact.

The earth gives us cocoa

Yet we have chocolates named mars. 

The earth gives us colour

Rich, vibrant and green

I urge you to do something of honour

And keep the earth clean

Climate strike for longer life

The earth is your own

I want you to love this home.

You need to realize how ground breaking

And system shaking 

Our voice can be.