Helping People Using Technology

Merve Değerlier

In our ever-changing world, we find our way by using technology. We benefit from technology in health, agriculture, industry, and the arts. The role of technology in developing projects and creating an impact is enormous. 

I am Merve Değerlier. 15 years old teenager is trying to make the world better by using technology. My goal is to help the masses by using technology for the benefit of humanity. I want to show that all young women can do great things if supported.


I first met computers in middle school. I was fascinated by these clever machines. But I didn't know what to do. There were a lot of male students in our class who knew to code. I  wanted to learn to program, and I asked them to help me. But he said he wasn't sure I could understand that. It made me very sad, but it gave me the first spark to learn. After a long and difficult process, I learned to code.  Also, I have prepared a series of coding learning articles in my language (Turkish) to share my knowledge with other young people.

This was the moment when my adventure to make something using technology began.

I had witnessed my visually impaired acquaintances being injured by hitting various items. It affected me and I thought I had to do something. I've decided on using technology to solve this problem.

You know people have problems, but when you witness them, you understand them and take action.

I developed a product to facilitate the lives of visually impaired people in the National Project Competition. The purpose of my product was to briefly give the individual a voice warning by detecting objects at a certain distance. This electronic device placed inside the room doors will prevent injuries, especially by preventing visually impaired people from hitting the doors. I was invited to the regional finals in the competition. I had worked hard and now I could help people using technology. It was an amazing thing and it motivated me a lot. Then I promised myself that I would never stop and I would do my best. 

I have worked with different organizations to develop my product, and I am currently in the process of obtaining patents.

My team and I are trying to develop a drone for a national competition. I'm the only girl on the team, and I'm the team captain. I also work on learning in fruit flies, memory, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. My next goal is to use artificial intelligence to diagnose Alzheimer's early.

I couldn't help people if I gave up when I was told that  I wasn't good enough at programming. 

We are the young people who will produce the technology of tomorrow. We must act today.

It was a tough road for me but falling made me stand up stronger instead of breaking down. All young people can do it. The important thing is never to give up and believe in yourself.


I present my project at Mersin University.
This picture was taken at Mersin University Arge project market. I give my project presentation to visitors and university officials.
Republic of Türkiye