Here Are Some Things I Learned In 2022

Picture of a sunrise at the beach depicting new life and growth.

Now that 2022 is over, I remember thinking that I would not even survive 2021. But here we are. Another year of living life. Another year of success, failure, heartbreak, love, betrayal, and memories. This year however, I realized and learnt several things, most of them the hard way.

Life isn’t just black or white. It’s grey.

For a long time, I tried to define situations, people and myself as good or bad. However, most of the time none of them fit the exact definition. What would you make of a friend who wronged you immensely but who is also the one who cared for you in your darkest time? What will I make of the school where I spent most of my childhood and which is my second home when that school is also where I was the most mentally distressed? The thing is, it is all an imperfect tapestry of bittersweet pieces which we call life.

Those who have to stay, will stay, no matter what.

Two years ago, I was the type of person who tried fitting in everywhere with everyone, and most of the time I would end up getting hurt. Later, I realized that wanting to be a part of everything is not going to get me anywhere and that not everyone is going to try to understand me. Rather, what I really focused on, were the people who mattered, the people who have had my back since day 1 and seen the worst and most chaotic parts of me but still chose to love and care for me. I realized that even having one true person in our lives is worth more than having 100 people who wouldn’t even blink twice for us.

Consistency is key.

Imagine climbing a ladder. Now one person attempts to take a huge leap from the first to the tenth step with great difficulty, while another person takes one step at a time every day, consistently. The latter is definitely the better option. So instead of cramping everything all at once, work a little bit every day or the other. Brick by brick, you will get there.

Romanticizing backbiting is the worst part of Gen Z culture.

To be very honest, I myself have bad-mouthed numerous people and I am not proud of that. But sometimes one cannot help but vent about others they cannot stand and that is a part of human nature. However, I have had to encounter people who not only backbite others on a daily basis with no specific reason but also have a lot of things to say about their own friends. I have also seen many TikToks and Instagram reels about how the only topic of conversation for girls is gossip. This should not be the case, as by doing so we are not only creating a negative environment around us and also creating a negative mindset for ourselves that only brews hatred and cynicism in us. So, if we cut this negativity from our lives, maybe, maybe 2023 can be our year.

We are not ready for what climate change has in store for us.

Judge, sigh, or roll your eyes as much as you want but there are so many people who still cannot process the severity of this problem. The past year has already shown us too many examples. The floods in the south of Bangladesh, along with the high-intensity storms and cyclones and the extreme heat all over the country. Not to mention, the increased number of natural disasters all around the globe like in the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. We are on the precipice of calamity and it is high time for us to face the music and act for climate justice.