Here, Have Some Flowers

Drawn by me!!


Hey there,

No matter whoever you are, I hope that wherever you’re at, there'd be a bouquet of roses and violets, or it could be a bouquet of lilies or wreaths of lavenders. i hope that wherever you are there’d be a garden of them.

I believe flowers are essential for self-care. The feeling of receiving flowers is like no other. One bouquet is enough to boost your serotonin levels and make one's day better. There is a radiance about the colorful petals and sweet scent they emanate, and that is what I love about nature's generous gifts. 

Have you ever thought about why flowers seem so special? The thoughtful arrangement of different colors, shapes, and sizes can connect us to certain emotions, like happiness or love. Having them near can also remind you of a significant moment in your life. I bet all who keep them prize them dearly. 

And—you don't need to graduate or go on a date to get them. Go and treat yourself to the nearest florist. Although self-bought, they hold just as much meaning. The love you have for yourself is all you need.

Visual arts