Hey kids.

This is an image of my little cousin and I looking at the ocean. I was 17 and she was 3. We have a strong, loving bond like sisters. She's the little sister I've always dreamt of having.

We cannot emphasize enough 

How it’s a problem, too much to bluff.

Innocence is swept away,


All because the older ones have a say,

A say for us girls, and even the boys.

However, it’s always the girls that are sensualized toys.


At a tender age, be it nine or twenty,

you would think they’d leave us be

We should be open and not forced

Into this over sexualized society where all they see

are curves, chest, hips, legs, and the symmetrical face already.


They crave beauty.

They desire with lust.

Well how can we trust?

We’re so young, we may not even be ready.


For such comments and looks.

We still need freedom, purity, cleanliness, and reading books.

You may compliment, that’s alright.

But don’t visualize and fantasize.

Uncomfortness strikes, and we’re left with the feeling of disgust

Confusion and lack of trust

well how can we trust?


The media advertise, they visualize.

They will influence, they will portray.


Grown ups will push us to grow

To wear heels, makeup, tight dresses, and show

They call us women, when we don’t feel like women


We’re so young, we may not even be ready.

For such comments and looks.

We want acceptance, not a creepy or discomforting glance.


We want to talk, not for the men to think otherwise then stalk.

We want to feel open, without being fantasized 

So please do understand, it’s awful to be sexualized.

United States of America