A picture depicting sun rays straying through a tree

I walked in the rain,

Trying to hide the tears,

Feeling numb with every burst of pain.

Would I ever see the light?

Or twinklers to guide me through the night?

I felt my steps falter,

And crashed onto the ground, kissing the earth,

Wishing an end would arrive.

Am I looking for an escape?

Or ceased to keep the faith?

The horizon blurred before my eyes,

And darkness seemed to engulf my plight.


Suddenly, I could no longer feel the rain,

Though knew it kept pouring.

I pondered over what had changed,

And then felt your fingers entwine mine.

I tried to look, unable to make out who you were,

But saw your umbrella that had become my shelter.

You held my hand and helped me up,

While I still tried to figure out your face.

Who are you? Why are you here when no one else was?

Before I could think, I had begun walking with you

Almost as in a trance, but breathed a change in the air.


The rain no longer fell, nor was the wind too harsh.

The clouds had begun to recede.


After a while, you paused and faced me

I looked at you, dumbfounded,

While you began,

It’s okay to fall and learn to forgive

Forgive yourself, my friend.

It is not easy, I said and turned away,

You held me around and pointed towards the distant lights

What do you see? You asked

Buildings, what else? I said vexedly.


Do you know why you could say they were buildings? You smiled

Because I know what a building is, I answered with a smirk.

And how do you identify them? A mischievous grin deepens your dimples

The light from the windows, how else? It’s a dark night.

That’s what I wanted you to see.

Even when you think you are not doing enough,

You can be your light

You can show yourself the path

You can guide you through the night

For you are shinning from your window

From your star.


I gazed deep into your eyes,

Wanting to ask what you meant

But, knew I had found my answer.

The skies began to lighten.


Are you a dream? I manage to ask

You laughed and said, it’s no more a dream

The dawn awaits you.


I look up and see rainbow-tinted circles of light

That’s magical, I whispered

The world seems beautiful when you choose to believe in your galaxy


We will meet again, you smile

Where are you going? I ask afraid

I will be here for you

Just close your eyes and think of the rainbow,

The colors will bring you here

To the place, you can keep coming back to

To the place, you can call home.