Home of the brave

The Colorado springs

Democracy settles beneath the pact

between the bad guys and the businessman

it's chocked by hate and by  man-made mistakes

it has dust all around its edge

Come one

don’t let it go to waste,


You’ve seen the Carpenter hills

and the Arizona lakes

You’ve seen the way a mother works to pay the rent

it’s in the U.S.A where dreams are made

Oh, democracy won’t you wake up and find us again?


Looking at the railroads and trains

it’s the place where technology bolted to wake

and it’s here the man grow greedy and they search for fame

but I know an American household by the union and a hard workday,

Oh, democracy won’t you wake up and find us again?


I sometimes think the hope is dwindling with the hate

fear of the neighbor and fear of a foreign face

the fear of having no more space

but a land that was built on freedom cannot be contained

Oh, democracy won’t you wake up and find us again?


There’s a willow tree by Texas state

I’ve never seen it bend to the wind

it’s the home of the proud and home of the brave

the shelter of the foreigner built by the thirst for change

it’s here the man finds his way through the glory and pain

where dreams come to die but resurrect the next day

it's here they sing: “democracy is coming to the U.S.A”


You’ve seen the little kids stand and then kneel at the flag

You’ve seen them fight and heard their cries

Freedom for some ain’t freedom for all

and justice doesn’t seem to know how to walk

among the churches and the mosques

along with the voices of the believers in God

among those that the country and law forgot, 


But you’ve seen the lights and art on the west side

you've seen the mesmerizing Hollywood sign

the Las Vegas Strip shining like faraway stars

and a single father trying to make his son proud

the elder and the young

the sick and those in the arms of harm

democracy is in their face and soul 

it's brewing inside their bones,


Democracy resides in diversity and its pride

between the people and their land

it’s lit up by fate and the good man

it's devoided from all kinds of hate

I think democracy has woken up again.

United States of America