Hope in the Midst of Corona

This picture displays the heroic attitude of an Indians in the face of COVID-19

My beautiful country, India, is losing its people day and night with the overwhelming effect of Covid-19. If there is anything that this pandemic should teach us is to be hopeful and grateful. I want to dedicate this poem to everyone who is surviving and struggling in the face of this pandemic. 


Hope in the midst of Corona


The pandemic shot us helpless

Yet we choose happiness over anxiousness

Bringing us with waves over waves 

But our minds still dare with hopes!


Is it too late to be optimistic? 

I tell you, we have faced countless of tragic

Yesterday and to this day,

Let's take it as another skyway.


Virus! Virus! I cry and scream;

Moments of perplex and doom

Shall we let this tighten us? 

Or shall we leave it to dust? 


These trying times are temporary 

Floating around just like another memory,

Keep your faith stronger;

With the almighty God closer

Darkest days, He protects

Happiest days, He connects .


We are placed just in a different time

For the workings of something new!

Let's design a life with hope and harmony,

And live each day beautifully and gratefully.