Hopeless Abused

Rape, abuse, violence against women

There begins my life lasting discomfort.

With joy, I was filled as he assured me false protection.

Doomed by the one who swore my protection.


Harshly, and ungodly, he violated me.

It is over, pain and emptiness are my pleasures to feel.

He betrayed and stole my innocence.

Diminished my self-esteem for all it contains.


Why? Why? Why?

I didn't ask nor did I deserve this.

I didn't ask to be a woman nor am I unproud of it.

Forcefully, my pride was stripped away.


Unloved by the greeds in need.

For life has forsaken me with the harsh reality from a rapist.

How I wish I could turn back the hands of time.

We cannot enjoy the fruit of peace as long as the dignity of girls and woman are not properly preserved

by Fatu M. Kaba