Hopeless Dilemma

Youth as leaders of today

In Africa, I mean Liberia, they call me the future leader

but I ask, when is the future?  

At 18, young, energetic; At 94, weak and cripple?  

Ohh no! Wait! Am I? For what have they prepared me? 

To face a future as dark as a Vantablack


My hope has been crushed as my future seems blurry

Hopeless, yes, worthless they made me feel 

I feel a future filled with empty hopes of uncertainty  

Within me lies the feelings full of empty regrets  

For long I have been drenched in a hopeless dilemma  


They care not about my pain, but their greed 

Their pleasure lies within their immature mind 

They appear gloomy, but act as cold as an icy rook

They laugh for that which is not rewarded 

They exploit and embezzle unearthly resources 


Educating me would entail their doom  

Yes, my education breeds their downfall 

For how long can I bear the burden of ignorance 

How thirsty could they be?