Hopes and dreams

Dreams Surrealism

A seven billion voice, a seven billion hope and a seven billion dream. The number is big, the earth is round and it is the only place we have.

Different races, different beliefs, different backgrounds and different souls but we all live under one sky, we all admire the same stars and we all breathe the same air. We all have a heart, see with two eyes, hold with two hands and walk on two feet, some of us may grow wiser and some others may fall every time they walk.

Maybe we see things differently for example I like winter; a cloudy sky and a rainy day, it happens that you like it when it is spring; red flowers and the land is green.

To make it a deeper conversation I will say I am a Muslim and you may not be a believer or you are a true-hearted Christian and I will add to this and say I am from North Africa, I have a light dark skin and my hair is messy, I speak Arabic, I love history and I watch a lot of foreign movies and series, I pray five times a day and when I close my eyes at night I pray to God\Allah to fulfill our ( world ) dreams.

You may not be like me, you don't pray, you don't speak Arabic and you live in a different zone, it may be Dublin, New York, Delhi, Sydney, Johannesburg, Puerto Rico or any other place, but I am sure we all have one mutual dream; that one day we will all live in peace, one day we will have mornings with no wars and one day no will have to die because simply they are different.

The Yazidi girls in Iraq have the right to have a peaceful childhood and to not be forced to get married at an early age.

The children in Gaza have the right to live peacefully and to enjoy a secured childhood.

The Christian minority in Mosul have the right to remain at their lands and to pray freely at the churches.

The Muslims around the world have the right to enjoy a normal life and to ask the world to not believe in the prejudices.

The list is still long but there is only one truth; is that everyone, regardless of their races, beliefs or backgrounds, have the right to enjoy peace. Terrorism has no religion and violence has no race. We all have the right to live together and respect each other. All together we have to stand up and to fight for our right to exist and to be different.

The armed groups around the world are targeting humanity so no matter who you are or where you at you have to take step to be part of the globe, forget about the borders and the languages and stand up for humanity.

Today Erita dies because of Ebola, Zied was arrested in a protest, Micheal got shoot in the street and Fatima was raped, common names and common causes, you may heard about on the news and you would think "I am safe."

But things don't work that way because simply you may be on the next or someone you know may face the same things. So to avoid this tragedy and to spread hope and serenity we have to stop being full ourselves and to start looking beyond our own dimensions.

Humanity is bigger than your ego and wider than their wicked politics.

Humanity has no language, no color, no religion; humanity is you and me, it is us.

We are the sky of our own world so let's rain and sweep away the darkness that invaded our hearts and souls.

Let's live, let's love and let's be humans...humans in peace