Hopes and Struggles as a Youth in Nepal



I live in the country Nepal where Youth are going abroad on daily basis for better opportunities and to live a financially independent lifestyle at the age of 17/18. This has certainly persuaded the younger generations to move out of the country in order to seek a better lifestyle. They are now inclined towards the idea that despite their struggles they cannot make a living here in Nepal. This is very disheartening to see how the Youth "The pillar of the country" leaving the nation. 

Even sometimes I feel like leaving Nepal seeing how the people of my age are progressing after moving to other countries. Likewise, whenever I see my friends abroad living a good lifestyle and being financially independent, it certainly does make me question if I did the right thing staying here in Nepal. But somehow I manage to calm myself hoping for a good future here in Nepal with all the positive regards.

Currently, I am an undergrad student and even now all of my mates are planning to move abroad after graduation. Now going abroad for further studies has been a culture in our country. But things are complicated enough here that even though you work hard and try to get a better quality of life, you simply fail to do so.

However, I am also working since the age of 18 and earning money for myself. Yet not much as an individual of my age who earns living abroad. But still, I am balancing my university life, and personal life and still keeping up with my job. But things are definitely different when it comes to being totally financially independent.

Here my parents pay for most of my college expenses. However, I can consider the money they pay me here can be equal to the expenses of going abroad. Apart from that, I try to cover my expenses with my own hard-earned money. However, this is not me showing off the amount I'm earning here but giving a general overview that the amount you earn here and the amount you earn abroad are simply incomparable. 

Regardless, I am trying to work hard and make my life better here with all struggles and circumstances I need to overcome. So as a Youth, I hope in the coming future we individuals living in Nepal can change the pattern of youth going abroad, and make space for the next generation to make them stay in their own country and let them have a life that satisfies them and also make them contribute on own country.