How computer games help me in education (Civilization V, Titan Quest)

I tell about how important computer games in my education are important.

I was born on July 18, 2001.

My first computer appeared at me 9-10 years and I have been fond of games from childhood.

The first game, which imposed a strong imprint on my education - "Titan Quest". This is a game in the genre of Action / RPG.

This game introduced me to mythology of different peoples: ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, Babylon, Scandinavian myths and not only. When you play this game, you get acquainted with the features of the architecture of different nations, get acquainted with their culture, trade and history.

You can meet the king of Leonid, visit the Great Babylon, the Chinese wall and Egyptian pyramids.

This game can replace several stories classes, because it presents historical events in an interesting form for a schoolboy. A simple plot helps to figure out the game even first-grader. After I completed the game, I read a large number of books on the history of ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, Scandinavia and other peoples. In many ways, thanks to this game, I received the appreciation on the history exam.

The second computer game that introduced me to the economy, the history of mankind, the laws of politics and trade is the strategy "Civilization V". In Canada and the United States, a special version of the game called "CivilizationEDU" was released.

The benefit of strategic simulators in general, almost no one calls for question: it is a great tool for the development of logic, thinking, memory, a common outlook, knowledge of the economy, sociology, political science, physics, engineering, etc.

Thanks to this game, I now understand all political and economic processes in the country, because I see the causes of certain events.

A unique property of distinguishing and understanding many emotions and feelings using this information for their own purposes, has the name "Emotional Intellect".

The emotional state of a person is very affected by what actions he performs. In games, various variations are being worked out for cases when the player can experience complex emotions. Some researchers in this context allocate such a key component as "crucible experiences". These are a variety of stressful situations, surviving which a person is growing personally. Thanks to games, you can experience important moments and unpleasant circumstances.

There are other options when they become for students an excellent illustration of a moral dilemma that is in the real world. This is mainly about such situations when it is worth the choice between what a person is obliged to do so to violate the rules for good. A classic game based on dilemmas and choices can be called "Mass Effect" and "The Witcher".

I am confident that in the future, the whole process of education will be changed in favor of interactive exercises and computer simulations.

"Education today is much more focused on how you can measure something than what young people really learn. Civilizationedu is an excellent example of how games can be used for the development and evaluation of key for the XXI century skills that cannot be measured. Using tests." - Connie Yovelldar director of the international educational movement LRNG